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✌️The Piece Project✌️is an initiative that is inspired by a handful of tattoo studios and artists in the United States; created to support people who are making positive changes in their lives.

We will cover self harm scars and racist/hate imagery free of charge & no questions asked. At Ascending Koi Tattoo, we believe everyone deserves a chance at a fresh start – so we are offering an opportunity for those looking for one.

Three of our resident artists are participating in this project and they will be accepting one piece each per month so your patience is appreciated. Our goal is to do our best to work with each person who has reached out to us.

Please follow the submission process if you are interested in participating in The Piece Project. Our studio will contact you once we have reviewed your submission.

Ascending Koi Tattoo and Apparel launched the initiative last week after a staff member noticed a tiny pantry in a community while travelling in the United States.

They are hoping the idea catches on and spreads through the city the same way as the little free libraries have.

“I'm hoping that people see these things out in their community and say I could build one of those it's kind of like those free libraries. One popped up and now they are everywhere and my hopes are that would happen with the free pantry project,” said Marie Ferraro, from Ascending Koi.