Jason O'Connor


 To some it’s all just “tribal”. Urban Tribalism is what Jay calls his art and it’s a mix of global cultural art and modern urban art. To some, it’s all just tribal but to him, it’s part of his life and travels. To others it’s broken down into sub categories like Neo-expressionist and Primitivism. It includes geometry, pointillism, henna style, Polynesian, Melanesian, mixed with text and cool stuff. It’s meant to flow and accent the body while fulfilling a personal meaning. Jay is an artist that works in many mediums, tattooing being one of his favorite. Although he is not at the shop full time, he does take on clients looking for the type of art that is his specialty. Artists that he looks up to are: Paul Gauguin, Risk Rock, Jean-Michel Basquiat (other than his people at AK). He has been a part of Ascending Koi since day one and considers the shop and the people in it as part of his family. Oh yah, he can draw other stuff too…like dragons and shit.

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