Suzanne Delaine


Suzanne has collaborated with a community of people, most especially with her Ascending Koi family (past and present), to merge ideas, passions and loads of artistic and creative inspiration to create an amazing & unique studio, Ascending Koi Tattoo & Apparel. Ascending Koi is a hub for the most EPIC fine art custom tattooing as well as a place of acceptance, empowerment, development & support of healthy relationships & dreams actualized! It is an atmosphere that is real, approachable, and authentic!

Raised in Calgary, Suzanne has a background in Communications including Journalism and Photojournalism. She has a deep passion for tattoo artistry and the ever-evolving meanings of tattoo for the new subculture and strongly encourages the recognition of tattoo as rapidly evolving form of fine art! Suzanne also believes in and supports the empowerment of young girls and women, travel and community, learning about various cultures as well as participating in the joys and successes of the people that enter her life.

A dedicated mother, proud grandmother, free spirit, life-long student and friend are only a few of the roles and titles Suzanne takes on in her daily life. She is also a self-described entrepreneur, yogi, supporter, leader and spiritual workshop facilitator. Her dream is to build a community with her family, friends, and Ascending Koi family while touching people's lives in meaningful ways.

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