Healing Instructions

Leave your tattoo bandaged over night.

In the morning, un-wrap the site of the tattoo, wash with mild soap (DOVE sensitive is a good choice). Wash gently but thoroughly with very clean hands & then rinse away any seepage.
Allow to air dry for 48-72 hours.  2-3 days after your tattoo start to apply an unscented moisturizer (eg. Lubriderm, H2Ocean or Hustle Butter) Apply a THIN layer to the site with CLEAN hands, 1-2 times a day. Apply lotion sparingly (after showering in the morning and then again after dinner or before bed).
AVOID soaking in pools, bath tub, lakes, etc. Avoid sun exposure, including tanning beds, for 2 weeks!
If your tattoo is itchy, please refrain from scratching it; instead just give it a gentle “love tap” to relieve the itchiness.
After your tattoo has healed completely, we recommend you use a minimum SPF 45 sunscreen to protect your skin & your investment. UV rays are damaging; they will contribute to the breakdown of the pigment in your skin and prematurely “age” your tattoo!
Please avoid pet dander and your pet rubbing against or licking your tattoo site as it is a leading cause of staph infections in tattoos.
If you have ANY questions or concerns, please give us a call or come back in! We are here to help!  403-276-3066
Your tattoo speaks to you…..Forever enjoy!

More than just skin deep….