Tips to Prepare For Your Tattoo Appointment!

In the days leading up to your tattoo appointment, do your best to eat well rounded, nutritious meals with an emphasis on lean high protein.
Avoid alcoholic beverages at least 2 days prior to your appointment, (and for at least 2 days following your appointment). Alcohol thins the blood and leaves the skin dehydrated and prone to unnecessary, excessive bleeding during the tattoo process and inhibits prime healing conditions for your skin.                                    

*A service fee of $250 will be charged if client shows up drunk or high in our environment. We provide a safe and family-friendly space for our clients and ask that people take responsibility for the energy they bring into this space. Abuse towards our staff and/or clients will also result in a $250 charge, per incident. And you will be asked to leave.
**We will NOT tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.
Moisturize the skin with a perfume free lotion daily to soften the skin and keep it hydrated and evenly toned and textured.
Drink plenty of water! This aids in maintaining hydration and “plumps” the skin in preparation for your time in the chair.
Get a good night sleep!
If the site of your tattoo is in an area that tends to have abundant hair growth, (legs, arms, chest, stomach), shave the area the morning of your appointment. If you cannot reach the area, your artist will shave the area prior to your tattoo.
**The morning of your appointment, it is important to eat a generous breakfast containing plenty of protein!
Bring bottled water and snacks with you to your appointment. You can have your water with you to sip as needed and you may want or need to take a break to have your snack at some point during your appointment. The tattoo process can tax your immune system, especially if you are scheduled for several hours. It is important to remain hydrated and to keep your blood sugars stable with nutritious snacks
***PLEASE DO NOT CONSUME sugary beverages & snacks! Processed sugar products & the tattoo process do not mix! Your immune system is already taxed from the tattoo process. Adding processed sugars to your system at this time will cause a sugar “high” & a subsequent & dramatic drop of your blood sugar levels leaving your body in a state of shock. You will likely not be able to handle the process as well or at all, be prone to fainting & require your process cut short.****We do not make full OR partial refunds if your tattoo session is shortened due to the consumption of the above mentioned products. We are concerned about your well being & ability to have a positive tattoo experience! 
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the shop and speak to someone @ 403-276-3066…..We are happy to help!

More than just skin deep….